2020 looks to be a busy year full of changes for British manufacturing and it's no wonder that the calendar is packed with many big named players returning to host industry events after a very successful 2019. Attending these events is vital, and helps form an important aspect of the strategy for the year. These events help you stay up to date and informed about the latest trends and innovations, and allows you to meet marketing specialists, corporate decision-makers and market yourself and your business.

So many heavy industries are in constant flux at the moment and the leading companies are responding by making their operations as versatile and agile as possible to adapt to shifting demands. This means they need new equipment often. This gets expensive quickly so it’s encouraging to know that buying equipment from auctions is a great middle-ground between buying brand new equipment and buying second-hand equipment directly from the user or a second-hand dealer. Buying industrial equipment at auction has all the following benefits:

Argentina has a thriving manufacturing and construction industry with these areas contributing to 15% and 5% of the country’s GDP respectively. In fact, manufacturing is the single largest sector in the nation’s economy. It’s surprising, therefore, that it has not been a popular country with European heavy equipment auctioneers but there are regions of the country which have never really been broken into until now. Apex Auctions recently conducted a very large and highly successful auction of industrial equipment in such a region overcoming difficulties and putting things in place to get the sellers the best possible price for their goods and making things as easy as possible for the buyers.

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